Prime Cinema is a Russian television company producing content of varying complexity. The company has been successfully working in the TV market since 2007.

Major Areas of Content Production Content production:

  • News
  • Entertainment shows
  • Educational shows
  • Documentaries
  • Feature films and series

6,537 hours of original content have been filmed:

  • 963 documentaries
  • 1,785 daily news shows
  • 19 full-length feature films
  • 15 docu-reality series, etc

Our clients:

Channel One, Russia One, CTC, RenTV, Russia Today, NTV, MTV.

Our projects in HD:

"Makarov - supercop" is a tightly plotted detective series with elements of melodrama. It consists of 19 series.
The plot of each revolves around an unconventional investigation inspired by true events.

The principal character is an investigator of special cases Major Makarov. Everyone calls him "vazhnyak" (meaning "important" in Russian). As for his personal life, he does not get along well with his wife, and at work he has complicated relationships with his assistant and superiors. His method of work is known to many as unconventional; however, he is capable of solving the most tangled cases. The secret of his success lies in psychoanalysis: he believes that only by putting oneself in the murderer's place one can get to the bottom of the case.

Intricate psychological details make the plot of this series truly interesting and extraordinary.


"Awating Guests With Zurab Dvali" is a culinary and ethnographic educational TV show. Along with the host, the TV audience sets off on a journey across Georgia and Spain. All have the opportunity to plunge into the culture of a particular region, get familiar with its history, and learn to cook ethnic foods.

Apart from popularizing culinary traditions, the show seeks to draw attention to a region as a tourism object arousing interest both from the cultural and historical viewpoints. Together with the host of “Awaiting Guests,” viewers visit historic sites, admire monu-ments of architecture, and dis-cover the most interesting local legends.

Production complex:

  • 4 television production facilities, including studios,Pro Tools sound studio,and a makeup room
  • Clean rooms with server hardware
  • Data storage system AJ (media archive)
  • Editing control rooms
  • Fiber-optic communication lines

Prime Cinema offers the following content
for production in 4K format:

  • Films about historical and modern weapons contend
  • Film series about retro automobiles belonging to famous historical figures

  • Films about monuments of architecture
  • TV show series about wildlife sanctuaries and national parks
  • Historical docudramas

We are open to collaboration and would be glad to start a new partnership in any area—from TV shows to full-length films. We also own two popular russian TV channels (“8 TV”, “The open world”) and distribute them all over the world.

You can find us at MIPTV 2016 Booth R7.E44
Anastasia Molostova
 +39 340 068 0287

Molostova Anastasia    +7-925-012-00-12
Gubanova Maria    +7-915-424-29-90
Romanova Daria    +7-916-359-23-41